Avatar: The Last Airbender Pornography Story: SOkka and toph’s couple requiem

Avatar: The Last Airbender Pornography Story: SOkka and toph’s couple requiem

While hiding as refugees in Ba seng sei, Aang, zuko, katara, sokka, ans toph spend some of their days in alot of places. this is just one of the few places sokka went

Sokka wanted to do something Fun so he went to the fight arena. “i’m going to the fighting ring today, I heard its gonna be awesome”. “I’m going with you”, said toph. “i’m getting tired of twinkletoes over here” She motioned at aang. “Hey! at least i’m getting better now!” he said back. “Whaterver”, she said and left with Sokka. Perhaps she had a reason for wanting to go. Though she was blind, she could “see” by feeling the earth’s vibrations. but the place at the arena where spectators sat was made of wood so there was no way she could even detect what was happening except by listening. So basically she had other intentions.

While they were walking, Sokka struck up a conversation, mainly just to listen to himself, meanwhile toph’s thoughts drifted back to when she was with her family…..it was a calm day at the bei fong castle. As toph was wandering around the castle gardens she overheard a guard. ” hey i heard Mei-Mei is coming to town today”, another guard said “yeah. i heard she gives the best sex to whoever sleeps with her.” Toph became curious. and since that day, she wanted to know what sex was. “We’re here”, Sokka said, dragging Toph out of her daydream. “”man, toph shouldnt have been here. now my chances to impress ladies are ruined…and i may have gotten laid today“” Sokka thought to himself.

As they were watching the fight, Toph asked Sokka to go somewhere with her. “Not now, I’m watching the fight” Sokka said. I said NOW” Sokka knew it must be important so he led her doen the stairs from the spectator seats and took her back to a place with some earth in it. ” Sokka i have a question. I heard you say ‘sex’ before. What is it?” she asked. ” Well sex is when two people, a man and a woman, come together and do pleasurable things to each other” He said back. ” What pleasurable things” she asked. “Certain things that— how old are you?” he interjected. “13”. she said wondering why he asked. “Alright then i’ll show you.” he said and from the vibrations she was feeling from the earth, they were going somewhere without people.

As they were walking, she noticed that the earth around Sokka started to quiver with each step he took, almost like his heart was beating fast. “okay, we’re here at last.” he said. Sokka went behind toph and started kissing her on the neck. A wall of earth shot up and made a uppercut into Sokka’s jaw. “what aare you doing!” she said to him. To her suprise, she didn’t sund too angry. perhaps she liked it. Sokka say her expresion and smiled. “you’re supposed to like that in the first stages of sex” he said, his voice with alittle more bass. deeper than that high squeaky voice he usually had.

He resumed, and Toph started to shiver. she was wondering why when she realized it was instinct. though she was blind, her body wasn’t. Not by the senses it was recieving. She found herself on the floor and Sokka’s tongue going down her stomach and abit lower than she would’ve liked. but she was too lost for words. she realized she was being disrobed, and was loving it. “ohhhh” she moaned. “thats all natural” Sokka said. “please show me more” she practically begged. He started to eat her out and his yongue flickered left and right on her clit. Toph came right into Sokka’s mouth. ant that second, Sokka’s shyness wore off and he plunged his member into toph. A sharp pain, followed by a sensational tingle went into her body. Sokka’s penis slowly rotated around Toph’s inner pussy walls. toph’s juices wahed over sokka’s penis so he thrusted it in harder. in less than 5 minutes Sokka came and with a loud squeal so did toph. another 5 minutes both were drenched in cum. they continued, each making up different positions.

Later that evening, they met Aang and Katara in the marketplace looking somewhat exhausted. Aang saw that toph was happier than usual and noticed Sokka and toph could barely wak. Instead they just sort of dragged their feet on the floor.

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