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Avatar Porn Story “Katara’s Rape by a Pirate (Part 1)”

I do not own Avatar: The Last Airbender. This is all fake.





Katara stole the scroll, and the pirates were chasing her and the gang. “This is all your fault”, Aang yelled.


When they had escaped, they eventually made camp.

When everyone fell asleep Katara was awake and went out to practice her waterbending.


“Dang it”, she yelled, “How can Aang do it and I can’t!” “Ugh”, she said to herself quite loudly as she dropped the waterwhip. “Ok take it easy Katara”, she said.(Another fail) “Stupid”, Katara screamed  as she was throwing down the water. “Work with me here”, she said loudly!


Meanwhile on Zuko’s ship. “Search the forest”, yelled the Pirate Captain to his crew. “What are you doing? If they stole a water scroll they will be on the water”, Zuko yelled.


When the pirates caught Katara, Zuko rushed in the woods to get Aang. The pirates used a sneak attack to capture her, and when they did they quickly put a gag on her mouth. Katara tried screaming through her gag. “Throw her down”, yelled the Pirate Captain, “We’ve got something better than the scroll.” The crew threw the confused Katara to the ground. Each of them got the four corners of her body.  She lay there pinned to the sand waiti Continue reading

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